Fiber Optic Cables


CAMTRONICS provides varies types of patch cords including ST, FC, SC, LC, SMA, MTRJ, MU and E2000 with UltraPolished (UPC), AnglePolished (APC) or other polish requirement, Singlemode or Multimode, Simplex or Duplex, 0.9mm, 2.0mm or 3.0mm cable available. With our excellent testing equipment, refined polishing machine, advanced polishing procedure and experienced technicians, we are proud to provide reliable and top quality patch cord at a reasonable price. Every patch cord supplied by us is guaranteed to be well polished and exceeds the industry standard.

Our patch cords are assembled with high grade connectors. The ferrules are made of zirconia from Japan. Apart from simplex patchcords,duplex patchcords are also available. All patchcords provided by CAMTRONICS are guaranteed to meet our specifications.


  • Low insertion loss
  • Low back reflection
  • Environmentally stable and reliable
  • Compliant with Bell core TIA/EIA and JIS


  • Telecommunications
  • Local Area Network
  • Test equipment

Standard of Topography Measurement of Polished Ferrule
Measurement Parameter Pass/Fail Limits (Min) Pass/Fail Limits (Max)
Radius of Curvature 10mm 25mm
Fiber Height (Spherical Fit) -50nm 50nm
Fiber Height (Planar Fit) -10nm 200nm
Apex Offset 0μm 50μm
Angle (In degree) -0.3 0.3
Fiber Roughness (Rq) 0nm 10nm
Fiber Roughness (Ra) 0nm 10nm
Ferrule Roughness (Rq) 0nm 10nm
Ferrule Roughness (Ra) 0nm 10nm
Diameter 125μm 130μm

* Specification on one connector only.

Length Tolerance
Length Tolerance
<1m +10cm/-0cm
1m-5m +10%/-0%
5m-20m +7%/-0%
>20m +5%/-0%


In order to assure a satisfactory performance, a rigid testing procedure is applied to every patch cord assembled by us. The patch cord would be tested to ensure their repeatability and the exchange ability. The aim of this testing procedure is to make sure that every patch cord is in best condition before delivery.